• First I wanted to say Thank you! I attended your Monday “Power Pump” class for the first time this week and I have never hurt so much and yet felt so good about it at the same time! I know I wasn’t able to do everything that the class was doing, but I did try and it meant so much to me that you were willing to take a moment to personally come and instruct me! B/c of that feeling (and with the encouragement of my best friend Ramona) I have actually been able to make it to the gym 3 days this week. Now this is a HUGE deal for me as I’m turning 30 this year, still carrying around some baby weight (he is 3 by the way) and I have never worked out in my life!

  • I really like this place and have had the most success at attending a health club in my time as an adult. It’s cool as they offer this as an add-on amenity for joining the City Club upstairs; the place is awesome – all of the machines I need, a great trainer, nice changing area, pool, etc. Love how I can be working in the Club upstairs and then come down for a quick work-out; very helpful for maintaining my girlish figure!

    Juan M.
  • I had an excellent time at this club, which is very well positioned, adequately sized and well equipped. While all staff was friendly and professional, I would like to point out the exceptional performance of Alex and Sara, with whom I had the pleasure to work out.

    Thank you for everything.

  • I have been a member of several gyms in Atlanta ranging in price, quality and offerings. But City Club is just that…a “club.” And not in a pretentious way. Rather, there’s a sense of belonging, inclusion and encouragement…where you are on a first name basis with instructors, staff and fellow members. The camaraderie alone can prove to be a great incentive to go to the gym, especially when you’re looking for any excuse NOT to!

    Kellye M
    Member since 2011
    Favorite Instructor: Judith (Yoga & Pilates)
  • After taking lessons last year with Carlton and then again this year, the boys have really progressed. Over the past two weeks, they’ve both started jumping off the diving board and really swimming! Very proud of them and so grateful to Carlton!! Can you please forward this to Carlton–John and Ford loved him! We are all so appreciative of his lessons and patience.

  • I am so lucky to have the expertise of Kaye and Cheryl. I have had a weird recurring pain and now we have figured it out…You all are the best.

    Mrs. Elizabeth Carson
  • I am a 22 year resident of Smyrna, I would like to take this opportunity to say how fortunate I feel to live in this city offering so many special advantages to its citizens.

    In July I had a knee replacement and after having Land Physical therapy with disappointment. I sought out Physical Therapist, Lindsey Prewitt, for water therapy. Ten sessions with Lindsey brought me 122 degree bend in my knee. THANK-YOU!

    Mrs. Jane Lamkin, Mayor of Smyrna
  • I am so excited. I can sit in a chair and watch Luke and Alexis swim without getting in the pool. Alexis can even do backstroke. I am total totally surprised and would like to thank the instructors.

    Ms. Brooke Kendall